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The DAHL project is a continuation of the work done by the University of Calgary over the past eight years to improve health care in South Sudan.

In 2006, the University of Calgary provided a medical upgrading program to a group of South Sudan born, Cuban-trained physicians. These physicians have now returned to South Sudan, and are practicing medicine and working in health care related positions, despite numerous challenges

How does it work?

The Digital Health Library uses an integrated search engine from MedHand International that combines Oxford hand books, Dynamed, evidence-based journal derived medical information and the Comprehensive Advanced Life Support manual of emergency care guidelines.

Role of INFA-MED

In Kenya, the Digital Africa Health Library is an initiative of the Institute of Family Medicine (INFA-MED) and the University of Nairobi. This initiative has been on-going for the last three years.


Through ongoing support from the University of Calgary, these physicians have been provided with a prototype of the Digital Health Library. The physicians will be instrumental in the development and implementation of the Digital Health Library, which will help to improve healthcare in South Sudan and in Africa in general. The project has been funded by Grand Challenges, Canada.

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