Why Digital African Health Library

Brings together in one mobile app an integrated set of evidence based Medical healthcare informational resources relevant and optimized for use in Sub-Saharan Africa. A mobile app that consolidates all your medical information resources that provide clinical decision support at the point – of – care into one digital library on your mobile phone.

Medical healthcare text books, Ministry of Health Clinical Guidelines, Medical publications and drug references within one medical app.

It's a Valuable App!

+ Providing clinical decision support to physicians and healthcare professional in rural Africa through their mobile phones.

+ Digital Mobile phone based library containing medical resources downloaded over the internet and stored in phone memory for access and use anytime, anywhere at the point of patient care.

Our Resources

Resources contained in the Library include Oxford Handbooks, BNF pharmaceutical reference guide, DynaMed medical publication of upto 3,500 disease summaries, Ministry of Health Clinical Guidelines and Protocols, Africa Health Journal and many more.

Other tools available include various medical calculators and the internet-based RHealth Differential Diagnosis tool.

Exquisite & Flexible

Tailor made and suited to multiple medical environments and practitioners.

Smartphone or Tablet

Flexible design that fits both smartphones and tablets for seamless use.

Personal Notes

You can make personal notes and bookmark info for later use and reference.

Single Search

You can search the entire medical database availed to you from a single spot making the app all the more easier to use.

Evidence Based

With thorough research made into the project, the app provides unique evidence based medical information for better decision making processes.

Offline Use

You can utilize the app both online and offline. No internet connection required to access the app’s powerful features and functionality making it thoroughly flexible.

Medical Calculators

Inbuilt medical calculators to determine risk scores and other formulas.

Coming to 10 African countries! Now available in Kenya
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Would you like to know more about us?

Digital African Health Library is an annual subscription based digital library service at cost of USD30 per year
inclusive of all new resources added to the digital library in the course of the year.